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    bookkeeping and accountancy services for the Chesterfield area

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    Regular bookkeeping * VAT returns * annual accounts

    Bookkeeping fees are currently charged at the rate of £15 per hour.


    why think bookkeeper when thinking accounts?

    You may be a sole trader or small business who just wants their

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    year end accounts made up.  But did you know that . .

    This is something practising Certified Bookkeepers can do?

    We can also do day to day bookkeeping so you don't have to?

    Certified Bookkeepers are qualified to prepare accounts, VAT, self assessment and much more?

    Certified Bookkeepers are fully insured and regulated?


    ALL your bookkeeping +


    The traditional model

    For many years, the traditional approach has meant that small businesses kept their own records, then handed over a batch of data to their accountant each year.  That was usually the only time the business had any contact with the accountant, and the accountant had little personal knowledge of the business.

    There ought to be a better way, where the business and accountant have a closer relationship - where the accountant knows the business on a day to day level. 

    The better way is to engage a Certified Bookkeeper who maintains your books on a regular basis, and who prepares your financial accounts, and your VAT returns, and many other things.

    Outsourcing bookkeeping

    Outsourcing bookkeeping to a Certified Bookkeeping practice is a growing trend. It can be seen as a way of avoiding unwelcome chores or as a way to free up your time to focus on running your business.  But more than that, because Certified Bookkeepers are professionals, you can be sure that your books will be properly kept and documented.  This is important too, because adequate records must be kept by law.  HM

    Apart from satisfying HMRC though, the fact is, the more complex your business, the more you will depend on well organised financial data - data that is easy to manage and easy to interrogate.  If you are aware

    that your financial data is getting out of hand or becoming a dreaded chore, outsourcing to a Certified Bookkeeper may be the way forward.

    VAT is an additional headache - an activity to be looked upon with dread.  But with a Certified Bookkeeping Service, VAT preparation takes care of itself.  This is because Certified Bookkeepers maintain separate VAT records, recording input and output taxes in a separate control account, so that the figures are readily available.  For

    this reason, when you engage Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services, the VAT100 preparation is included with the bookkeeping fee.

    Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services - not an expensive option

    You might think that paying for a bookkeeping service as well, would be more expensive.  After all, there is a lot

    more work being done.  But it isn't!  If you engage Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services, the cost of the accounts, and

    VAT100 preparation, is included in the bookkeeping fee, which is quite a deal.

    Of course, if you prefer to keep your own books, Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services still offers to prepare your year end accounts at very competitive rates.

    BUDGET 2012 highlights

    Personal tax allowance UP to £8,105 from April

    Additional rate of income tax cut to 45p - from April 2013

    Tobacco duty up by 37p per packet 

    Child benefit reductions begin at £50,000.

    23rd March, 2 days after the budget forewarned of a 3p fuel duty increase in August,